The Award Winning Restaurant.

The Cuthecrab has won several awards, been nominated by various organization and reviewed by several medias as a place to be visited and tried. Amongst them in 2013 Yahoo! Voted number 1 most popular restaurant that must be tried.

Cut The Crab Founder is frequently called in by medias as an expert, to discuss issues such as Crab Farming in Indonesia, challenges that are met by local crab fishermen, Crab business, and other topics regarding crab species that live in Indonesian water.

It has been the talk of town since the day it open it doors, from everyday people, local tourist, international tourist, food enthusiast to local artist, everyone has talked, reviewed and raved about Cut The Crab.

Cut The Crab sponsors and provides local crab fishermen with neccesary equipment and education to local crab fishermen be able to catch minimum 1 kilo crab from their local area. We are also major sponsors for Yayasan Padesan whom provide free education and nutrition to less fortunate deaf children all over Banten and its neighbouring area in West Java region, Indonesia. is one of the best Restaurant Jakarta as well as Indonesia.

Fun feast , Fresh food , Great price.

Looking for a Fun dining experience in Jakarta? Look no Further, Cut The Crab is Here. Pioneers in our field, we at Cut The Crab Promote our Fun dining experience, by:

1. Pouring food on the center of your table, on top of food grade brown paper for diners to dig in and share their food among each other. That’s right, we do not use plates, spoons, or other cutlery, hence the name “CUT THE CRAB” just dig in and have fun. Like how they serve Fish and Chips in New Zealand.

2. Food are not individually portioned, they are portioned for more than 2 dinners, as in most asian restaurant. Unless you order Rice.

3. With no cutleries involve, sauces are designed to stick to your finger tips so they do not drip off the table, and you’ll get a combination of all sauce flavors in your hand. Its finger licking good.

4. Hammers are provided to smash open your Indonesian Mud Crab that has already been cut into pieces in the kitchen. Hence the name “CUT THE CRAB”. Do not worry bibs are provided to avoid food stain splashing your shirt. So don’t forget to wear them.

5. Colorful, bright environment with friendly staff at your service

6. Two Unique sauce, our “Original” and “Sweet” sauce was specially formulated by Cut The Crab founder to keep you coming back for more. Its a combination between western sauce and Indonesian spices. Guessing what it taste like should be a great topic opener in your gathering.

7. Affordable Price. Starting from Rp.50.000 ($5) per person in their package deal menu, Cut The Crab is affordable for everyone

So there you have it, a fun feast in a fun place where we combine; friendly staff, great friends sharing food together, a unique sauce as a conversation starter, great fresh tasting food, in a bright cheerful environment, with funny crab decoration everywhere, a sticky sauce, hammers to smash food, at prices that will suit everyone, Cut The Crab is the place to have fun great dining experience.


Cut The Crab only serves Live Indonesian Mud Crab delivered through Air flight Cargo from Sulawesi, and Papua. 3 major Island located above Java Island. Crab Ranges in Size from 300 gram/ 3 ons a piece to 3 Kilos/ 30 ons per crab. Crabs above 1 kilos are hard to find through out Indonesia, which is why, Cut The Crab sponsors our own crab fishermen with the proper equipment to find and catch crabs that are 1 kilos and above.

Crab are then Cut in front of Customer (unless requested other wise) live. This is the most human way in serving live crab. As Crabs are killed instantly, and served fresh, rather than boiled in their sleep. We serve our crab with our special sauce “Original” and “Sweet” sauce which is a fusion of Western taste and Indonesian Taste bud. We serve our Crab with 7 other sauces; Salty, Caramel, Sweet & Sour, Lemon twist, Sweet, and Tasty. All our sauces can be made not- spicy, Mild or Extra Spicy XXX. Our “Tasty” sauce are only served during the weekend as all our sauces are made fresh daily with no MSG.

Here are a list of our Crab names:
Double Trouble : 2 crabs, each weighing 3- 4 ons
Single Jingle : 1 crab weighing at 4 ons
Nifty Fifty : 2 crabs, each weighing 5 ons
1/2 Fifty Nifty : 1 crab weighing at 6 ons
Seven Heaven : 1 crab weighing at 7 ons
Big bite:1 crab weighing at 8 -9 ons
Super duper :1 crab weighing at 1 kg
Big Papa :1 crab weighing at 1.1 kg
Godzilla: 1 crab weighing at 1.2 kg
Mega Godzilla:1 crab weighing at 1.3 kg
Giga Godzilla: 1 crab weighing at 1.5 kg
Special Crab: 1 crab weighing at above 1.5 KG

Please feel free to have a look in your “Gallery” Menu to have a view how big each crab size are

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Giant Crab

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