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Live Crabs Everyday

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Cut The Crab only serves Live Indonesian Mud Crab delivered through Air flight Cargo from Sulawesi, and Papua. 3 major Island located above Java Island. Crab Ranges in Size from 300 gram/ 3 ons a piece to 3 Kilos/ 30 ons per crab. Crabs above 1 kilos are hard to find through out Indonesia, which is why, Cut The Crab sponsors our own crab fishermen with the proper equipment to find and catch crabs that are 1 kilos and above.

Crab are then Cut in front of Customer (unless requested other wise) live. This is the most human way in serving live crab. As Crabs are killed instantly, and served fresh, rather than boiled in their sleep. We serve our crab with our special sauce “Original” and “Sweet” sauce which is a fusion of Western taste and Indonesian Taste bud. We serve our Crab with 7 other sauces; Salty, Caramel, Sweet & Sour, Lemon twist, Sweet, and Tasty. All our sauces can be made not- spicy, Mild or Extra Spicy XXX. Our “Tasty” sauce are only served during the weekend as all our sauces are made fresh daily with no MSG.

Here are a list of our Crab names:
Double Trouble : 2 crabs, each weighing 3- 4 ons
Single Jingle : 1 crab weighing at 4 ons
Nifty Fifty : 2 crabs, each weighing 5 ons
1/2 Fifty Nifty : 1 crab weighing at 6 ons
Seven Heaven : 1 crab weighing at 7 ons
Big bite:1 crab weighing at 8 -9 ons
Super duper :1 crab weighing at 1 kg
Big Papa :1 crab weighing at 1.1 kg
Godzilla: 1 crab weighing at 1.2 kg
Mega Godzilla:1 crab weighing at 1.3 kg
Giga Godzilla: 1 crab weighing at 1.5 kg
Special Crab: 1 crab weighing at above 1.5 KG

Please feel free to have a look in your “Gallery” Menu to have a view how big each crab size are

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  1. Riasi

    Bisa disajiin pake nasi ga ya

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