Award Winning Restaurant


Award Winning Restaurant

Cut The Crab is the first restaurant  to serve seafood on food grade paper with no plates and cutleries involve. With its two specially created sauce “original” and “sweet” sauce it started a trend throughout Indonesia to eat seafood, in a comfortable dining setting with no plates and cutleries involve.

The Cuthecrab has won several awards, been nominated by various organization and reviewed by several medias as a place to be visited and tried. Amongst them in 2013 Yahoo! Voted number 1 most popular restaurant that must be tried.

Cut The Crab Founder is frequently called in by medias as an expert, to discuss issues such as Crab Farming in Indonesia, challenges that are met by local crab fishermen, Crab business, and other topics regarding crab species that live in Indonesian water.

It has been the talk of town since the day it open it doors, from everyday people, local tourist, international tourist, food enthusiast to local artist, everyone has talked, reviewed and raved about Cut The Crab.

Cut The Crab sponsors and provides local crab fishermen with neccesary equipment and education to local crab fishermen be able to catch minimum 1 kilo crab from their local area. We are also major sponsors for Yayasan Padesan whom provide free education and nutrition to less fortunate deaf children all over Banten and its neighbouring area in West Java region, Indonesia. is one of the best Restaurant Jakarta as well as Indonesia.