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In Indonesia, Cuthecrab Seafood is a local supplier of grouper and red snapper. This supplier has acquired the Indonesian Fisheries Improvement as well as Sustainable Fisheries Partnership certification. cuthecrab Seafood supplies restaurant Jakarta and other similar facilities across the country with fresh seafood. The supplier is committed to perform the rigorous and strict procedure in order to maintain the fish eco system of Indonesia.

seafood Indonesia  This company values their clients including restaurant Jakarta and      maintains high seafood product quality to them. Therefore, cuthecrab  seafood does good control and handling on their catching boat. The  supplier works always hard to process the products according to the  international standards and makes sure that the processing is ecofriendly.

Restaurant Indonesia

According to a recent research, twenty percent of a typical catch of a commercial long liner is discarded. Blast fishing is still popular amongst numerous fishermen of tuna as a means of boosting catch. Line and pole fishing are not new techniques. Indeed, this fishing is a traditional method replaced largely by large-size industrial operations. Still, the country continues to produce over 100,000 tons of line and pole restaurant Indonesia and caught tuna annually.

The variety of Indonesia fisheries products are supported not only by abilities in capture fisheries but also by abilities in aquaculture like freshwater and marine aquaculture. Carp, pangasius, milkfish, catfish, tilapia, shrimp, and much other restaurant Indonesia are always available in huge quantities in restaurant Indonesia with excellent quality by applying good aquaculture practices and standards.